“The 19th Club Limited” Business Terms & Conditions

  1. Membership of “The 19th Club Limited” entitles the member to attend as many of our scheduled regular networking events across the UK as they wish.
  2. Golf after each event is dependent on the available number of tee times provided by the host club and the weather conditions on the day (see term 8). This is at the discretion of each individual host club. Booking a tee time is on a “first come, first served basis ” All events are advertised on “The 19th Club Limited” website where each member can book in advance. Each member will also receive an email reminder of the event nearer the time.
  3. “The 19th Club Limited” members will be entitled to receive a number of additional benefits as outlined in “The 19th Club” Member Benefits document.
  4. In addition to the scheduled networking events each registered “The 19th Club Limited” member is eligible to redeem one complimentary round of golf for up to 4 people per month. If the 4-ball is not used in that calendar month it will be lost and can not be rolled-over into the next month or any subsequent months.  
  5. The golf allowance at each club will vary so any tee times are always subject to availability and secured on a first come first served basis.  
  6. “The 19th Club Limited” member must observe club rules, etiquette, and dress code at each venue. These can be found on each individual club’s website.    
  7. “The 19th Club Limited” business will not be liable if any club changes ownership, closes down, cancels, enters administration or fails to grant any or all of the 4-ball complimentary rounds for any reason beyond our reasonable control. Please refer to the “The 19th Club Limited” website and ‘Book Your Golf’ booking form for a list of available venues.
  8. Membership of “The 19th Club Limited” business does not bestow any membership rights to the host Golf Club.
  9. In the event of cancellation or suspension of golf due to bad weather or course conditions at a scheduled meeting, “The 19th Club Limited” business will not refund or credit the membership charge for that event. It is expected that the meeting will still go ahead for networking purposes. “The 19th Club Limited” business will take instruction and guidance from the golf venue be “The 19th Club Limited” cancelling golf. “The 19th Club Limited” business is not able to guarantee golf will be played.
  10. Membership of “The 19th Club Limited” will be on a minimum contract of 12 months after which the contract will revert to a rolling 12 month agreement.  
  11. Members who wish to leave the “The 19th Club Limited”  will be required to give three months written notice, either prior to the end of the initial 12 months, or at any point after the initial 12 months has expired.  
  12. Any guests of “The 19th Club Limited” member may attend a scheduled event and play golf  no more than once over any given 12 month period. Visitor Green fees will apply should they wish to play golf over and beyond this one event which will be payable on the day by the guest(s) to the host club with the golf being subject to availability.   
  13. In the event of problems relating to a member’s business practices “The 19th Club Limited” has the right to revoke membership.
  14. In the event of failure to comply with the policies of “The 19th Club Limited” business and the golf club, “The 19th Club Limited” has the right to terminate the membership from the group.
  15. Other than normal “The 19th Club Limited” business printed materials, members may not use the “The 19th Club Limited” Intellectual Property (eg. logos, trademarks, names, slogans, copyrighted materials, etc.) to manufacture, distribute, sell, market, or promote any product or service, or otherwise use the “The 19th Club Limited” Intellectual Property without obtaining the prior written consent of “The 19th Club Limited”.
  16. “The 19th Club Limited” policies are subject to change.
  17. It is the responsibility of the “The 19th Club Limited” business member or guest(s) on the day that is playing at a “The 19th Club Limited” 4-ball, to ensure that they have the necessary GOLF insurance cover in place.


  1. The membership to the “The 19th Club Limited” is £49.95 per month. Once your application has been approved you will join other business owners, partners and key decision makers. You will be invited to regular networking events via an online portal and email.  The events are held at golf courses and other partner venues in each region. Your company will have exposure in “The 19th Club Limited” Smartphone Application which will also allow you to post any offers, promotions and news items.

Payment terms & conditions

  1. Membership of the group is conditional and will only be approved upon satisfactory completion of the “The 19th Club Limited” member on-line application and once payment is received.
  2. Subsequent monthly payments will debited from the same card and account used for the member’s initial payment.
  3. The member also has the option to pay for 12 months membership at the outset at the discounted amount of £499.50.   
  4. Upon approval each member will be awarded with a minimum 12 months membership to the “The 19th Club Limited” commencing as soon as the 1st payment is received (this will also be referred to as the “Member Renewal Date”). Payments will be due on the same date each month thereafter for those who pay monthly.
  5. After the initial 12 months has expired each member will be placed on a rolling 12 month contract with a 3 month cancellation period at any point during that period. A minimum 3 months notice must also be provided by the member to “The 19th Club Limited” in writing if they wish to provide notice to cancel the contract at the initial 12 month end date. If this is not provided in time then the contract will automatically be placed on a 12 month rolling contract.
  6. Please note that if the three months written notice is not provided and your payment is cancelled at any point in the contract then a penalty charge of three months installments will be applied and debited through your payment card.  
  7. Notice to terminate and cancellation should be provided in writing to “The 19th Club Limited” at Unit 13, Holly Park Mills, Woodhall Road, Leeds, LS28 5QS.
  8.  “The 19th Club Limited” will not provide any renewal reminders during the initial 12 month contract so it is the member’s responsibility to provide notice to terminate within the initial 12 month period.
  9. Fees are non-refundable.
  10. Fees cannot be transferred from one person.